K-Y Jelly

Have you ever bought a product just because of the name? One of your friends, family members, professors, anybody mentions the name of the product, and you end up buying it? Chances are you have (and may not have known you have). That’s what happened to us when we bought K-Y Jelly..


K-Y Jelly’s box lists it as helping to get the user prepared for intimacy so for those needing discretion you are S.O.L. The box is fairly well known throughout most cultures. However, it being a well-known, well-accepted, product, it would be a safe bet that no one is going to shame you on a Game of Thrones level.

There are plenty of other variations of this product I am sure we will get to later. That being said, their boxes are more noticeable so don’t let its packaging affect your decision regarding its practicality.

First Impression

We applied a little on for a test-run. We were hoping to get a feel for what is to come in the next few minutes. The jelly is relatively sticky, almost like a glue feel to it when it’s applied. It has a different feeling from the petroleum-based products we’ve had in the past. The product makes its presence known with it’s cool to touch temperature as well.

First Use

Insertion for us was like gliding on a waterslide as a kid. Although at the beginning we did apply WAY too much removing a lot of sensation, it was still smooth allowing for penetration being a lot quicker than it usually takes. It took a few seconds to get a rhythm down since it’s a different feeling altogether.
One thing we did notice that the product does tend to dry out relatively quickly. We chalked that up to the product being water based. On the plus side, if you keep reapplying, you and your partner's skin will be relatively hydrated. On the downside, you may begin to build up residue thus removing more of the sensation.


The product being water-based has made clean up fast. We did decide to clean up using baby wipes which were relatively quick than our traditional shower together. However, taking a shower should be able to remove the product quite easily with a quick rinse off if that is not within your level of comfort.

Final Verdict

We, unfortunately, decided this product is not for us at this time. The product was fantastic, has done more than what it should have, but for now, we will be passing on the original K-Y in hopes of something else. However, if you are a person that experiences personal dryness symptoms, such as burning, itching, irritation, soreness, or pain during sex this product is for you.

We are in no way compensated for our opinions nor consider ourselves subject matter experts. Purchase products at your own risk, with your own research conducted